How much does lag affect gameplay?

  • I’m located in Thailand and I want to get this, but the last time I bought a less-than-popular game (Red Orchestra 2) I got shafted by the lack of a South-East Asian community and was forced to play on AU servers. Needless to say, the ping for me was up around 300ms and I soon stopped playing.

    Other than Singapore, the nearest servers to me will be Japan. I expect my ping to be around 200ms and I was wondering how much of a negative effect it’ll have on my gameplay.

    Ultimately my decision on whether or not I get the game will be based on this, because I don’t expect the Asian Chiv community to stick around for very long.

  • Under 200 ping, the game is playable. Over 200 ping, your parrys become unreliable, and it will be hard to hit a backpedalling enemy with short weapons.

  • Well thanks for the reply. I hope I’ll always have low ping populated servers I can connect to :)

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