MAA counterattack lunge- compensate for short range

  • I think that as a counter attack (i.e. only after a successful block) the man at arms should be able to lunge at the opponent. The biggest problem with MAA right now is when fighting opponents with long weapons, there is no real way to effectively counterattack. A counterattack currently will not close the distance enough for your weapon to make contact most of the time, and by the time you are in distance the enemy has fully recovered from the block penalties and can block or stab you or whatever they please.

  • One of the best MAA “counter attacks” that I’ve seen so far is for them to dodge backwards when i strike and immediately dodge forwards to get a quick cheap hit in while i’m still in attack animation before I can parry. The timing has to be perfect though.

  • There is a way to counterattack, by using dodge. I’m a crap MAA but i can tell from what i’ve seen work (very effectively), that you have two choices after dodging into range of a two handed weapons user:
    1. Attack once and dodge back out and repeat.
    2. Spam everything you got.

    And if you’re not very good at timing those dodges you can focus on what the MAA does best and easiest at the outskirts of the battle; picking off wounded enemies and flanking.

    You’re basically saying remove the nescessity to actively use my ability, and allow me to instantly get in the face of my opponents. I’m sure a lot of people who play other classes have something to say about that.

  • I try to dodge back, than sprint forward with a vertical. If it’s blocked I try to repeat, except with a kick to throw em off. Using sprint quickly is almost as good as dashing forward.

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