An idea for Stone's Hill.

  • First, I would like to apologize if this has been suggested before, but I really don’t feel like going through all of the pages to find out. If it has, simply tell me and that will be the end of this topic.

    Defending peasants isn’t nearly as fun as saving them and turning them into a hodgepodge-like militia. Instead of having the Masons kill (what is it, 40) a specific amount of peasants, have the first round proceed regardless of how many they have killed. Agatha’s defenders could, instead of watching the peasants run around like chickens with their heads cut off, save them. The peasant would then respawn inside the castle, with one of the MAA’s primaries or Archer’s secondaries, ready to protect their king. The number of peasants in the castle would depend on the number saved by Agatha.

    They would most likely serve as fodder for archers and vanguards, but I don’t know why the Order would give up just because they couldn’t kill every peasant. Why would that prevent the battering ram from appearing?

    Alternatively; the peasants could rush from the castle while the battering ram is at the gate.

  • I love this idea.

  • I like the idea, except the part they are given archer rating and placed on the fortifications.
    I think that would give agatha an unfair advantage seeing as the mason has little cover to begin with on the second stage of the map. (ram stage)

  • Slaughtering the peasants and burning the houses is meant to represent the masons capturing the village - because it’s a lot more immersive than just walking up to a flag and standing there for 30 seconds. It’d be silly to try and push a siege weapon through a contested area you don’t control ;)

  • I like the idea, masons won’t miss out on killing peasants as long as they make it to the last objective.

    But something would need to be done to stop the Agatha players from instantly saving all the peasants. It’d be good if they needed to be escorted to the castle gate, you know, press “E” on them to get them to follow and since the path leads past the Mason spawn you can get ambushed.

    It’d also make the strategy a bit more varied for the masons besides rushing the village They can play Highway bandit and set up somewhere so they can cut off the peasants being rescued.

    Oh, and +1.

  • For User;

    Yes, that’s why they would only get the archer’s secondaries, and not their ranged weapons. They would be turned into extremely light armored bots with no special move who wouldn’t really do more than slow down the ram, or “protect” their king (whichever would be best for balance, really).

    For Slygoat;

    That’s why I prefer the idea of protecting the king. I’m not well-versed on medieval history, but garrisoning the villages in the castle can’t be far out of logic’s reach. If the siege succeeded, why wouldn’t they protect their king after seeing their neighbours cut down before being saved themselves?

    For RedShark;

    I think that’d a great idea. Originally I had contemplating adding my thought that Agatha wouldn’t spawn until at least one villagers was killed, but that may give the Masons too much of an advantage.

    Also, why can’t I burn down the church? :x

  • An idea for the houses around stoneshill, they should not count as peasents kill during on fire, only when its entirely burned down, when you can only see the structures or the wooden beams of the house. Giving them a certain amount of time to actually burn would allow more tactical teamplay IF there was a way to extinguish the fire with a bucket of water where you may find close to the river. The bucket of water would momentarily replace your weapon, thus leaving you quite open as you carry the buckets towards to the burning house. Another idea about peasents, perhaps they should only die IF you knock them down to the ground and decap them or smash their head? Anything to make the first objective on stoneshill more advanced, right now its a easy kill for both attacking teams.

  • Throw a torch at any house, its sets on fire and you will instantly get two peasent kills, I think that’s pretty lame :-P

  • @Wobbler:

    I’m not well-versed on medieval history, but garrisoning the villages in the castle can’t be far out of logic’s reach.

    Actually that is pretty much the prime reason they started building castles in the European middle ages - to be a fall-back-point for the locals.

    Also, I support your idea.

  • I like the idea, but there should be some balancing about it.

    The first objective still has to be a valid one, and armed villagers seeking out enemy will probably get them killed more quickly than headless chickens running around. Instead, the peasants should constantly be spawning from houses (allowing them to be recruited into militia), while the Mason’s objective will instead be burning down all the buildings, rather than killing the peasants.

    Perhaps more torch places can be added in order to balance out the fact that Agatha will have a peasant army on their side in the first segment.

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