[SOLVED] Servers claim don't have DLC and won't let me join

  • So i was having the same problem of not having servers show up that all the others were having and i solved that issue by opening individual servers manually by entering “open” and the IP address of the server via console.

    But today (after a 1.1Gb chivalry update on steam) whenever i try to join any of the official servers via console i get the message “You cannot join this server becuase the host has downloadable content you do not have” and it fails to join the server. I turned off steam beta but that didn’t help.

    Here’s my launch log:[attachment=0:3byqlrbf]Launch.log[/attachment:3byqlrbf]

    Hope you guys can figure it out.

  • Sounds like you enabled the Chivalry Beta. Please disable that through Steam.

  • Dead one as always :). Problem solved. Frustration Gone.

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