See your helmet/visor in first person

  • I don’t mean to steal this idea from War of the Roses, but I think the idea of your visor obscuring your vision is amazing. Please consider adding this to Chivalry. Thank you.

  • I once downloaded a mod for Oblivion where your vision was limited because of your helmet and I thought “Hey, that sounds cool!”. But it wasn’t. You can’t really play effectively when your vision is limited and I switched that mod off after a few minutes. It can really add to the immersion of the game if players choose to enable the visor but I think that most of them won’t even look at this option since it constricts your vision too much and you will have a big disadvantage towards players who don’t have their visor enabled.
    Having the visor enabled by standard with no option to turn it off will annoy most of the players. Having the choice of enabling or disabling the visor won’t change much since barely any player wants to have a disadvantage without an advantage.

  • Having played War of the Roses briefly, I came to quickly realise this feature that sounded cool was an absolute pain the ass. I hated it, and what’s worse, I was punished for disliking it (being more prone to insta-kills and higher damaging face hits).

  • In this game, you get all the benefits of wearing a full helmet and zero consequences. It’s a win-win.

    Remind me, what was the benefit of wearing caps again?

  • @tlbww:

    … what was the benefit of wearing caps again?

    I never played that game but my common sense says either a piss pot or a soup bowl. OR both if youre really desgusting.

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