Documentation / Upgrade Tree Path Structure

  • First, kudos on your manual and webpage. I don’t know how many times documentation is lacking - in video games and ironically anything to do with technical stuff. You have done a good job here.

    My suggestion and humble request is to provide the logic tree for the weapons / unlockable items. It is in game by class and you have all the weapons listed on the web, I just would like it presented in its “tree” form with prerequisites. Separate the four classes, show starter weapons, then arrow to next unlock stating # of kills (the prerequisite) to next weapon / item and then the next weapon / item with a link to stats (or shown there) for each.

    Between the game’s Class Select menu and the manual/webpage list of the Arsenal, the info is there just needs to be presented in its entirety.

  • Something like that could be added to the underappreciated wiki.

  • Does the game have a wiki? If so, please link here.

  • It’s stickied in the General Discussion forum. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2943

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