Spawn campers

  • Alright another issue that I think should be modified/changed

    spawning in AoC was alittle flawed as to people could sit in a corner and wait for the other team to spawn only to kill them after spawn immunity wore off. Solution Day of Defeat style spawning.

    If you are unaware of Day of Defeat’s spawn style its like this you spawn in a protected zone that enemies cannot enter and once you leave you cannot return, but they designed it in a way that to leave you ran over a pile of rubble or something that hid the spawning players from the other team so like for a castle siege your spawn could have you run over fallen bricks and stuff that led to a window with a short fall down into the actual “play” area.

    Ideas? thoughts?

  • Great idea! :) :2hand:
    Have no fear we have thought about this issue and have made our maps appropriately.

  • Nice to hear that, b3h47pte.
    I hope also teamkilling will be handled apprioprietly, as it was discussed before :)

  • teamkilling shouldn’t be a developers problem but a server operators problem, they should be the ones enforcing rules on their servers and not the devs because some people might want to punish harder or in different ways. i’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be that hard to get a plugin like SM for chiv, granting power to server owners.

  • Yes, i agree. Still i think there should be simple “punishment system” included in game.

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