Udk.exe has stopped working error at the banner

  • I am getting an error at the start banner,I have a dual core cpu so idk whats wrong here.My Dxd and my Launch log are attached please help I really want to play.Reconfiguring the config and verifying cache integrity hasnt worked and niether has running the Vcredist executables.

  • Your GPU is Radeon X1900. That GPU is too old and does not meet the game’s minimum requirement. The minimum requirements are listed here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/219640/

  • This is a duplicate post by you Volibear, but yes, GhoXen is correct. You cannot play because your video card is too old and is missing features needed by the game to run. You will need to upgrade your video card in order to play. Sorry :(

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