Switching equipment to left hand and right hand.

  • the idea is simple , for example : if you have a one handed sword in your right hand , you can go to options and tick the box " switch to left hand " or there might be a button that does that, after that, the sword will be in your left hand, and if you want to switch back to right hand , you will do the same thing.

    the same thing for big weapons.
    the two handed axe for example - will need both hands, so the hands will change direction.

    i hope you like the idea , though it’s pretty useless ;X

  • It’s in no way useless - fighting right or left handed is a big advantage / disadvantage - depends who’s asking. Anyway, it was discussed before, not so long ago even.

    Jesus, people, for the sake of moderators and devs…use the SEARCH button…
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  • Developer

    Responding negatively to remade posts someone makes by accident is not something I would like to see our community doing- forums are clunky things and searching them even clunkier. Let us understand this and have some acceptance that answering some of the same things over and over is the way things go sometimes. Actually if you would like to be of most help to the devs you could simply direct others to other threads were the same discussions are ongoing.

    Clock, just so you are aware the take we had on this is that while we would love to do it, the amount of additional work required would be an incredible strain on the animation department of our team and it is not worth it for our team with the timeframe we currently have for release. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  • Tibberius my good Sir. I am very happy to see one such as yourself leading the project. This aint for brownie points either. But to have an understanding gentleman in control is a wonderful thing. You seem to me as the kind of guy who is a nice person and all but also is not afraid to jump into the fire when there is a problem. or maybe even become the fire if necessary… that probably sounded like nonsense but the point here is.

    If we didn’t have a chivalrous project lead then there would be no chivalry in Chivalry!

  • Dear Tibberius, my master :)
    You are right, i should be more patient and redirect. I just searched on forum everytime i posted a new thread just for them not to be remade, as You said it. Consider it done, its Your kingdom :)

    Here You go:


    Cheers and good luck with releasing CMW soon. Very soon.

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