No Servers Appear, No Fixes Work.

  • So I got the game yesterday, and played it on and off all day long throughout the day, saw the full server lists and was able to play no problem.

    After leaving one game and entering another, I could no longer see any servers on the server list. No servers in the history, etc. I tried all fixes recommended here that I found, deleting that particular file in my steam directory, opting in for beta priviledges, etc.

    I see no news or information about servers being down all last night and today. Please help me fix this as I really want to continue to play!

  • Also if I click the blank server screen, and select “view server details” the game crashes 100% of the time. If I click connect, nothing happens. I even tried replacing that masterserver2.vdf file to no success. Please help?

    I also have the most up to date version of Steam, as well, I have restarted my computer. Is there anything else anyone can think of for me to try?

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