This game is like 2 fixes away from being perfect in 3D!

  • I recently got a 3D monitor, and I decided I’d try chivalry on it. It’s very very well done, the majority of everything looks stellar, and it has cool gameplay implications in that you can actually judge distances of enemies swords and stuff.

    However, there are 2 bugs I’ve found that make it not perfect.
    One is the objective markers, and other floating hud things render at screen depth, so they appear to hover over the wrong object, and stick out pretty badly. This is both an easy fix (as far as I know) and has an easy work around, turning the objective markers off.

    The other one is a problem with reflections on water. Most of the maps have water on them, and that water is reflective. 3D works by putting 2 cameras either side and sending one camera to each lense of the glasses. The reflection map is from one camera, and is in the middle of the 2, so if you have a sword out and it is infront of water the reflection that would normally be covered by the sword appears on either side of it, depending on the eye you’re looking through. The reflection also flickers. Turning off the reflective water would work but there’s no option to do that.

    tldr: hud markers render at screen depth, reflective water is broken and I can’t turn it off in the menus.

  • Damn. Wish I could play in 3D. :(

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