Help reducing lag?

  • So I have a very slow internet connection (supposed to be 1 Gbps but I usually download at about 120 kilobytes per second) but many servers are listed at 100-200 ping for me, so I always connect to those. However the ping usually spikes to around 300-800 when I actually start playing. Is there some way to reduce lag? Does turning the video settings down help? My computer can play Crysis 2 offline on ultra settings, so it’s not my hardware. And are there any servers located in Alaska that I could connect to, since that’s where I’m located? Are there proxies I can use? How can I reduce my ping to under 200?

  • Hi Sir Jake,

    What kind of network connection is it? That doesn’t sound right for a normal broadband dsl/cable connection. Is it satellite or something funky like that?

  • We have a 2.4 GHz wireless broadband router.

  • Are you playing the game wired or via wireless. If wireless, that may be your problem. A wireless connection is less stable and leads to higher latency and more package losses than a wired connection.

  • Wireless. But is there a way to at least reduce the lag? I would gladly pay for a wired connection but I live out in the woods of Alaska.

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