Controller Sensitivity

  • I know theres a mouse sensitivity, but cant find a Controller sensitivity.
    Is there anything ican do 2change my Controllers sensitivity on chivalry?

  • Can xpadder do it? I’m not familiar with that software.

  • yea ima noob with it myself…but from the looks of it, i cant really change anything in general on this controller.
    &when i say that i mean i cant go into properties& change it, it all depends on the game its self.

    Ive seen some downloads for a feature to costume everything&anything on the pc xbox360 controller. But have heard some bad outcomes of useing it.

    So can I change sensitivitys, like the Mouses.

  • Check out some other popular Unreal Engine 3 games and see how they do it. Maybe it’s just a simple alteration to a .ini file that you could do.

  • well alright ill take a look see

  • Alright ive learnd abit more on this…
    Its a Logitech and i have the Logitech Profiler controller maping up.

    I just need to know which files hold the
    “information on keyboard commands in the game, please refer to the documentation that came with the game”
    so i need the Controllers commands in the game, not the Keyboard the Controllers commands…which files hold this info?

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