Some suggestions for bot matches

  • I know multiplayer is obviously Torn Banner’s priority when it comes to developing the game and fixing bugs, but some people (like me) who have terrible internet connections really enjoy offline bot matches. However, I have a few simple suggestions which would be easy to implement and vastly improve the offline experience:

    -Allow players to turn off bot-to-bot friendly fire in the configuration menu. It is really disappointing to create a 64-bot match and then watch your own team demolish half its bots because the AI can’t handle friendly fire. Just turn off friendly fire among bots, and they won’t turn on each other like that. Also allow players to turn off bot-to-player friendly fire so that bots can’t attack players. But I suggest leaving player-to-bot friendly fire enabled so that players still have to aim their swings to avoid killing their own bots.

    -Add support for different game modes for certain maps. For example, it’s pretty silly that you can’t even start a free-for-all in the ARENA of all places!

    -Increase the limit on the number of bots to something like 128. People can experiment to see what their computer can handle, and it won’t inconvenience other players because it’s offline.

    -I’m not sure how unlocking weapons in bot matches currently works, but I think players should be able to unlock weapons in bot matches but only be able to use those weapons during bot matches, but when player unlock weapons in online matches, those weapon unlocks should carry over to bot matches. So playing in bot matches only unlocks weapons for offline gameplay, but playing multiplayer unlocks weapons for both modes of gameplay.

    -Remove the BOT prefix from bot names. I know they’re bots! You don’t need to tell me. It just ruins immersion.

    -Allow bodies, weapons, blood, etc. to persist in the world instead of despawning, but allow players to turn this option off if their computers can’t handle it. I know I’d love to watch the bodies pile up in the arena.

    -And, of course, bot AI could always use improving. But I don’t really see this is a major issue, the AI is already pretty good, and turning off bot-to-bot friendly fire would fix most of the problems.

    Obviously the friendly fire fix and the game modes on different maps are the most important issues (in my opinion). Those two things are what really holds offline gameplay back. Everything else would just make for a more polished game, but are not really essential.

  • I also think that match length should be editable, so infinite matches could be set. And also the option to set a target score in free-for-alls, where the first bot (or the player) to reach the kill count wins. Stuff like that.

  • I VERY much agree sir bot. lol no just kidding. i really do agree though.

  • It’s just that this game could be just as amazing offline as it is online if the AI was improved a little and matches could be customized more. The AI is good when the bots are out in the open with no obstacles to run into, but if they try to go down staircases they often end up running into the side and doing this stuttering, slow-motion run as they try to run through the solid object. Or if they are all crowded into a hallway and they’re on the same team, they’ll try to kick each other out of the way, which leads to all of them fighting each other instead of the enemy team. It’s very frustrating. They also usually forget the objective in objective-based games and all run to the same spot to fight the enemy team, instead of splitting up and accomplishing the separate objectives.

    And as for customization, things like number of bots, game modes, time limit, etc. should be settable, though I’ve already said this.

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