Hammer Time Community recruiting!

  • Hammer Time Community

    We are a group of people who enjoy playing games together, or simply talking.
    We enjoy hassle free, and mature conversations.

    We want players who enjoy having a fun time, and are active.
    We will not be having people causing arguments or fights. Doing so COULD result in a ban.

    The main goal of this community is to have fun, and make friends.

    We have a website, and a passworded TeamSpeak 3 server which is active 24/7.

    We have a ranking system, which will be explained more to you, upon being accepted into the community.

    Our administrators and moderators are here to help, and are very friendly.

    Games currently being played by members are;

    Chivalry: Medieval warfare



    World of Warcraft

    League of Legends

    Kerbal Space Program

    Feel free to bring your own games and even friends to the community.


    Aged 16+.

    Have a working microphone.

    Have TeamSpeak 3.

    Speak English pretty well.

    Mature personality.

    Be active!



    Register there and that will be your application.**

    Thank you.

    PS: If you got any questions just send me a message or post it in the thread.

  • Nice name! You guys maul a lot?

    Unfortunatly, I will not apply to your group as I tend to start a lot of arguments…

    I am an asshole. ;)

  • Sorry for not replying to your uh… Reply. I was away over new years. Yeah, we’re pretty happy about the name, but we’re currently low on Chivalry players. For some reason none of us use hammers a lot in this game…

  • If you guys have east coats US server, i’d be happy to join up and Hammer Time with you!

  • We don’t have a server unfortunatly.

  • No worries, if you guys even play in official servers or otherwise, I would come play! My preference is less population (like around 10-15) these tend to be less clusterfuck/spammy… Feel free to add me on Steam or something! Username is the same on here as my Steam name!

  • I have sent you a friend request on steam

  • Cool! I’ll try to hop into some games with you and have some fun! :)

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