AoC: Only one Server in list, players invisible

  • Hi there!
    Since the 4th of July I’ve got these problems with AoC:

    There is only one server in my list

    The players are temporarily invisible

    The other players on this server have the same problem.

    But why?

    Thanks for your attention.

  • Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling? Sometimes that’s all it takes.

  • Yes, I did try this twice; I still have the same problem. :(

    I was told, that servers got hacked and are therefore down, is there any reliable source proving this?

  • Developer

    As far as anyone is aware, this has occurred due to an update from Steam and they should be contacted for fixing it.

  • I posted the problem up to steam, have not hear back from them. The best way to combat this in the future is to add servers to your favorites list, check your history and or your friends list, then invite others to play once you are in game. The Kila server is up and running and you can play there without stupid auto ban for accidental team kills. |KiLa| Thunder Dome - Recruiting - Custom Maps - No Warm Up

    |KiLa|TV to watch, in console, type:

  • Ah, thx for the information and help!

    I’d love to play on your server, but due to my location in Europe I’ve a ping of more than 150.

    Are there any other servers online, you’d recommend?

    Thanks and greets

  • All servers are still online, it’s just a matter of them not showing in the server browser. Saving servers to your favorites always works, even if the full server list isn’t showing, your favorites usually do.

    Also, I just checked my AoC server browser and all servers were showing. Seems to be fixed, for now.

  • Yes, it seems to be fixed.

    Topic can be closed.

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