• Sorry if i’m posting this in the wrong spot.

    On stonehill, Team objective, when the agathans castle gate is destroyed and a king is chosen, if the chosen player is on the battlements by the oil and ballistas he doesnt spawn as a king and remains up there. The HUD marker still says to kill the person there but their character model is that of their previous class, NOT the king. there are also barricades on the stairs to get up there so it’s impossible for the masons to kill him. By chance a teammate of mine (Mason) threw an axe and killed the “King”. he then respawned in the proper location as the king.

  • Yeah, if the player is in a Catapult, Ballista or Oil pot, he won’t forcefully die. Upon death, he then becomes King, essentially having 2 lifes.

  • It is possible to jump over barricades to get on top of the walls after the gate has been destroyed. I don’t really see the point of barricades being there in the first place - defenders will have one more reason to teleport away as they’ll be easily killed and attackers will be able to punish those who decided to stay back.

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