[SOLVED] UDK Stopped Working

  • Hey Guys ;)

    i used to play Chivarly without facing any problems till the last update was here.

    But after that update im getting : UDK has stopped working error !!

    My Laptop is kinda new , as im able to play all other games (ex:Tf2 , Smite) without facing any problems.

    i would be so grateful for any help , ill post the launch file below tell me if i should post any other file

  • [attachment=0:3pstzm8c]Launch.log[/attachment:3pstzm8c]

  • Here is how i solved it :
    GO to Steam / STeamapps / Common / Chivarly / UDK game and delete the config folder.

    Right Click Chivarly on steam > Properties > Local Files Tab > Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

    Done :D

    Hope it works for u all !!

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