What side does Chivalry takes ? ( After patch )

  • Hey everybody.
    Chivalry takes my second place in the favorites ( First being Skyrim , I play only these two games ).
    Now after we’ve seen the change log for the Beta ( Some played too , including me ) , after you see all the weapon changes that were made , some of them:

    “Bearded Axe Attack1 windup changed from 0.6 to 0.425”
    “Zweihander Attack3 windup changed from 0.75 to 0.7”

    And many others…
    Is the balance made for more realism ( Is the Bearded Axe really faster ? ) or are these changes made only because of a few whiners who said these weapons are OP ?
    Shortly , does Chivalry goes for Realism or for Gameplay after the patch ?

  • A weapon swings as fast as a man can swing it. All of those changes are still going through Beta though, and I highly expect half of them to change.

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