• Hi guys.

    Is it possible to set “servermessages” which will be send each 2 min in the chat or big-on-screen?

    You may know the problem:
    Server costs -> You need donations -> Messages may would help.

    thx :)

  • hello

    for the moment it works not

  • I wonder if anyone has a work around for it. I’m thinking of making a macro form my g19 keyboard and just spaming that while I play.

    I might be mistaken but, I think I have seen some server with a system message. Altho this was before I was admining my own server and didn’t think anything of it.

  • it’s simple, just send a random message every round “setbind L 'hey welcome to X server, I hope you enjoy your stay.”

  • I would be interested to see if anyone else was able to get automated messages by the server, not by someone in the game.

    A mod that does this should be fairly easy to write, I just can’t find any stable documentation about moding for the Unreal 3 engine.

  • PM the user ‘Slight’.

    He created some basic mod for limiting archers awhile back, but it also broadcasted a server message every so often. I’m sure that would be a good place to start. Be warned though, he’s kind of …unstable.

  • Proper rcon support has yet to be implemented in this game. At this point, I am not sure they ever will implement it, or even be able to get it right. Currently, I would guesstimate the servers are in the beta stages. The devs are still referencing their how to books, and continue to throw things against the wall and see what sticks.

    Hopefully in time, we will get fully functional servers, that work properly, don’t lag, don’t crash, aren’t uber resource hogs, and have a working rcon function. However, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

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