• I tried every possible fix, but none helped at all, after a while unmotivated, I reopen the game and a server appeared but there was not anyone in it and seemed to be beta, I returned to steam and removed the option beta and deleted the folder in MY GAMES, but nothing happened, I beg of you to help me.

  • PLease, really any moderator???

  • That server appears because you are opted in to the beta. I know you said you opted out, but just to be sure.

    You right click on Chivalry, click on properties, go to betas, and then click on NONE - Opt out of all beta programs…

    Then the game will update (about a gig)

    Then you can restart your game and all the regular servers will show up.

    You might also need to re-verify the game cache too.

    Let me know.


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