May we have a stickied post…

  • …with a list of servers, their admins, and websites if applicable? Since there’s no real way contact admins in game a post with their contact info (SteamID) etc. for servers would be handy if someone was having issues. Obviously aside from the official servers, the admin’s themselves would have to provide the information. It would be helpful to both put players in contact with admins as well as help build communities around servers.

  • I think you can join the steam moderator group if you run a server. They keep tabs on hackers and such there, and you could see reports of hackers by players in that group.

  • I don’t know if a stickied post with that information is the best way to go about it (getting the admin info for every server is probably impossible). I would think that an in-game way to send a message to an admin (console command that sends an email to the admin if the admin enables that feature) would probably be a good solution.

    Anyway, votekick is there to help when admins are not.

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