Handfull of servers on browser, freind join not working.

  • I can only find about 20 servers (always same servers) and only on first search. If I click refresh, game doesn’t find anything. Though I find some servers, I tried fixes for “No servers found” problem and filters should allow all servers.

    Also, I can’t join my friends through steam, for same reasons as this guy:

    So if my friend is on one of servers I can’t find, I have no way of joining him.

  • @ReMixx:

    It’s a known bug when you try to join a friend through the Steam Friends list. The simple workaround is for you to exit the game completely and then join through the Steam Friends list. It will automagically launch the game and connect you to the server.

    Please remove the line “Suppress=DevOnline” from your UDKEngine.ini located here: Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config. Then launch the game and sit on the server browser for about 5-10 minutes. Then exit the game cleanly and reply to this thread with your Launch.log attached (found here: Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Logs)

  • There.

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