• Hey everyone I just wanted to introduce myself to the wonderful community of this fantastic upcoming game.
    I’m just another major Age of Chivalry fan and when I heard of the announcement all my steam friends were spamming the link to this website so I decided to take a look and I was not disappointed.
    I look forward to seeing what new additions will be added to the game and I wish the developers the best of luck although they probably don’t need it :)

    See you around.

  • Woot an Israeli, soup d00d.

  • Welcome Twyster. ;)

  • Always nice to see a fellow Israeli around. Such a small world :)

  • hellio tywst, hows it going mate? We’ll be porting over to the new game as and when it come out, gunna rejoin maybe?

  • Hey Alex I’m great how are you?
    I can’t say for sure. It depends on many things but mainly on how the game turns out.
    I’ll let you know for sure though :)

  • welcome

  • Was it really necessary to post that image, Sir Doyle? As far as I know, there is nothing political on this forum, no need for it here. Just because we have Israeli members doesn’t mean they, or anyone else, wants to see that.

    Anyway, I know I’m late in this, but welcome to the forums!

  • I often don’t like anything political being posted on irrelevant threads but I never get offended by them.
    Plus, that picture simply reflects America’s role in the whole conflict.
    Anyway, don’t worry about it Sir Doyle :)
    Thanks for the welcome Ajax.

  • Am glad the anti american cartoon didnt offend you twyster but yay kneejerk reaction from ajax woop woop.

    Yeah welcome to this version of the boards twyster. Do you still play age chivalry if not as much as you used to which was your favourite patch.

  • I don’t play Age of Chivalry anymore (sometimes I get a random urge to see some medieval face paced action so I play) but I have over 350 hours racked up in-game and I can’t say which was my favourite patch but I loved the game much much more before all the CR’s.
    It was simpler, smoother, harder to specialise in classes and all the Footmen classes were still as easy to play as the Knights.

    One things for sure, except for Mortal Online, which recently came out, I haven’t anticipated a game this much for a long time…

  • AoC is now officially boring, I’m not even enjoying 1hitting saders and other guardsmen on publics. :<

  • Is getting a bit dull, the constant nags are starting to wear thin once again; but i’m gunna stick it out till Chiv is released. Would be good to see you back as well mate, we’re missing way to many old members now.

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