Walk, run, sprint

  • I would like to not have everyone running all over and swinging like mad.
    I can see a need to run to get to objectives, try a quick escape, or get to a strategic position as quick as possible.
    I would suggest having a running mode that allows you to take a swing but fall off balance if you miss, and a true sprint (faster than run) that is linked to stamina.
    Also vary the speed by how much stuff they carry, a knight with a shield running as fast as a knight without shield just doesn’t seem right.

  • Movement shouldn’t be changed. It is fine as it is.

  • Uhm.

    The knights with heavy armor can sprint same as speed as archers is it fine?
    The last crossbow have 3-4 sec reload time, is it fine?
    The archers have only few arrows and can’t find ammo boxes because these are not highlighted spot and aren’t on logical locations…
    The hunter knife is useless it’s the best weapon for suicide, is it fine?
    The knights and vanguards (with spear) so overpowered one hit one kill class is it fine?
    Only have 4-5 maps in the game thats boring after some gameplay, is it fine?
    I think these lines what I wrote unbalance the game and it will ruined the gameplay and the servers will be die out.
    Leftover gamers only choose vanguard and knight classes.
    The weapon changes very slow, knights or vanguards always win or the one who stab from back.
    Too much relaity ruins the game.
    And I dont want to play another class because archers are very weak. Most of class can dodge archers, and the weapon change very slow, I pushed the button and when I changed the weapon I died…

  • Your post is pretty much the essence of uselessness, is it fine?

  • @Fazzoletti:

    Your post is pretty much the essence of uselessness, is it fine?

    And you wrote a spam. Please fill up your wrote with some experience after that be a smartass.

  • Offending other people in a public forum? Not the smartest thing to do unless you really want to get banned. I see, you edited your post. Touché. But since you had so extraordinary well chosen arguments for your post, I’ll try to find counterparts.

    From a realistic point of view you could say that a knight in full armor cannot sprint as fast as an archer. On the other hand knights were used to running and fighting in heavy armor whereas archers did not have the need to be ‘stamina-monsters’, they focused on aiming and shooting.
    The last crossbow is a heavy crossbow with incredibly high damage, it would not be fair to have a 1sec-reload time. If that would be the case we would have even more threads like “omfg archers are OP with their crossbow-gatlings!!!11 nerf plx!”. You have to pay a price for fighting with a high damage weapon.
    Of course they have limited arrows and the amount of arrows you have is absolutely fine. What are ‘logical locations’ for you? Right next to your favourite camper-spot? Most of the ammo boxes are placed in open spaces so you’re gonna risk your life when getting new arrows, that’s part of the game.
    No-one forces you to use the hunter knife. Other people surely think the same of other weapons.
    It is possible to kill archers (and sometimes MAA) with certain two-handed weapons, yes. But these classes have other advantages which vanguards and knights don’t have, you just need to know how to use them. The game is pretty much perfectly balanced, being an archer and seeing a vanguard/knight storming towards you is not a death-sentence.
    The game is still pretty new and TornBanner is a very small developer group, Chivalry will get updated regularly with new maps and other content so you just have to be patient.
    I can’t see how the servers should die out so early, there are a lot of full servers. Especially beginners tend to choose the vanguard or knight class since it’s easier to start with, hence the majority on a server plays with these two.
    If you think the game is unbalanced then you simply have to play for a longer time and get to know every class better. You have a chance with every class against every other class.
    If you’re getting backstabbed too often, watch out!
    If you think weapon change is too slow then simply change your weapon earlier. As I just said, watch out, keep looking for enemies and be prepared. If you feel safe in your archer spot then you will be punished.
    If you’re pressing the wrong button over and over again… why not simply change the keybinds? Either that or try aiming better with your fingers.

  • Knights sprint 10% slower than archers. It’s fine.

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