Combat/Control Bugs - fixing required.

  • Hey all, I just have three bugs that I would like to draw the devs’ attention to:

    1. Often after parrying an attack I cannot feint my next strike. It goes like this: He attacks, I parry, I windup an immediate counter-attack, intending to cancel it, but can’t cancel it and the swing completes. I have tried cancelling the attack at various times and it doesn’t seem to work.

    2. Sometimes I execute a thrust (using mouse wheel) and after the thrust completes, it automatically performs a second thrust (as if I were performing a combo). Now I’m aware that this is probably because I am scrolling the mouse wheel more than I need to, but there are still 2 problems with this: 1) If we are taught to bind stab to mousewheel then the system should ‘be aware’ of this possibility, as it were, and ensure that no accidental combos like this occur. 2) I don’t think I’ve ever had this problem with overheads, despite also using the mouse wheel for that.

    3. Sometimes after getting hit I am unable to attack (not just a flinch - this is for a good few seconds). The issue always occurs when trying to use LMB, I have not had the issue with either of the other attacks. I am trying repeatedly to click LMB and it doesn’t do anything; I usually have to give up and wait for his next attack.

    If it makes any difference, the weapon I always use is the poleaxe.

    Alternatively, if anyone can shed some light on any of these problems and tell me exactly where I’m going wrong I would apreciate it.

    1. Is no bug I think. I have also noticed that you cannot feint counter strikes, but I think this is working as intended. Don’t ask me why it is like this.

    2. never experienced that one

    3. try overhead instead? :D

    1. Attack after parry has a much faster wind-up time. While I don’t know if you can feint it, even if you can, the window of opportunity must be vastly smaller.

    2. That sounds like a problem with your mouse. I never get this problem.

    3. Again, that sounds like your mouse is acting up. My guess is that your mouse is registering the LMB press as continuously held down for a few seconds after use, or perhaps it’s your repeated clicks that caused it. My mouse doesn’t have that sort of problem.

    What mouse are you using?

  • The stabbing issue could be a mouse issue, true (I don’t use a gaming mouse) - but I have spoken to one or two other people about it and they have had it too.

  • @Bloodhead:

    The stabbing issue could be a mouse issue, true (I don’t use a gaming mouse) - but I have spoken to one or two other people about it and they have had it too.

    And what type of mice are they using? It’s possible that this sort of problem occurs only on some types of non-gaming mice. The game also doesn’t work well with Windows XP, so there’s that.

    1. That mechanism is called a “counter-attack” that you are able to perform if you block your opponent with excellent timing. By attacking immediately after parrying, you will launch a counter-attack that will skip most of its winding up time, so the strike itself will be a lot faster. There is however a way to work around it: Once you block your opponents attack, DO NOT launch an attack immediately, wait for atleast 0.3 seconds before you start attacking, then you may start feinting him.

    2. That’s a very annoying part with the Queued command bug that happends quite often if you press any of commands that perfoms a move during an attack or parry. Clicking the parry button twice might cause you to block twice, even after not doing anything. This also happends if someone catches you in a “Idle flinch”, right after the flinch you will launch an attack. However, regarding to you problem, I know the answer.

    Know the overhead and stab are bound to the mouse wheels by default, and most of us firstperson shooter gamers already know what effect we can get IF we bind our attack key to scroll, we would be able to rapidly fire any semi-auto weapon, gaining an VERY unfair advantage. Now the problem is that its too easy to make the scrollpad click than the mouse, ITS very hard to click just once with a scrollpad. I myself experienced this a lot when you could still kick spam ( resulting a lot of stamina during one kick ) I bound my mouse wheel forth to kick, and if I accidently made the scroll click twice or three times, it would cost me stamina * 3 of the kicks but just in one kick.

    1. As for third one, I do not have a answer as I need a bit more specific details to see if I can help you out.

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