Agatha vs Mason Order

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    Anyway I think this belongs in the Off Topic forum.

    I was wondering based on the description of the two factions (Mason Order and Agatha Knights) which one you would pick.

    And I mean the REAL description… not some catch phrases like “Honor above else” or “A mans worth is judged by his competence”.

    After playing for some time and looking into the lore I noticed that there is no good versus bad guys.
    Both factions are actually bad to a certain extent , let me explain.

    Agatha Knights

    Rulers of the continent Agatha.
    With the Mason uprising and the country in chaos the Agathian Knights are trying to restore the “rightful” heir Danum Argon.
    They are also known as loyalist and are made up mostly of royalty and nobility.
    The Agathian Knights believe in the concepts of nobility and being just in your actions, though greed and corruption exists it is generally swept under the carpet in efforts to keep the ruling officials in favour of the people

    The Agatha Knights are not as cruel as the Masons (enslaving and executing any loyalists)
    They do want to keep the upper class in control (nobles and royalty) which in return keeps the same system of corruption and bureaucracy intact and not giving the “comman man” a lot to say about his life.

    Just imagine if you were a living under Agathian rulers:

    How would you feel that a noble could just take away your land and potentially take away your live hood?

    Or being economically forced into poverty wich will lead to disastrous situations for you and your family (greedy nobles that raise taxes to high)?

    Mason Order

    The Mason Order is a newly founded faction, led by Malric Terrowin.
    The Masons seek to rebuild the lands and allow even commoners to join there ranks.
    They believe that the ends can justify any means and things, often people, must occasionally be sacrificed for the greater good.
    The Mason Order has largely gained favour with the lower class citizens, “the people” as they put it. For some, the Mason Order brings hope of a changed land, a fair land free from tyranny of greed.

    The Masons are more cruel as the Agatha Knights in there methods (enslaving and executing the enemy)
    And targeting civilians without mercy.
    But they do bring hope of ending the line of nobles and royalty that have holded Agatha in there iron grip.
    Wich in turn might bring “the people” a chance to be free again (or more free at least) and have some more to say in how there lifes are run.

    Just imagine if you had to fight for the Masons:

    Do the ends justify the means (slavery , killing civilians , poisoning water supply ,executing loyalists)?

    Should we risk a war with suffering and destruction for a potential better world or is it safer to keep the old hierarchy in power which will keep the bureaucratic and corrupt system intact?

    My choice:
    I choose the Masons to be honest.
    Being oppressed for so long as a commoner by the nobles would make me join the Mason Order for a better Agatha where men and woman can forge there own destiny and be more free.
    Of course these are just ideals.
    The Mason Order in the end might just betray there followers and continue the same path as the old rulers…I guess we will never know for sure.

    Now I ask you!
    Which of the two do you consider the lesser evil and will you join?
    And perhaps make a reply to explain in greater detail why you join them.


  • Disgusting agathians.


  • /Generic comment about how much of a DOUCHE Malric is

  • What if I like both?
    Episode 2

  • What if I like both?

    You can like both but I mean in terms of the outcome for the land of Agatha itself ,which one would you think have a more positive effect on it and be the lesser of the two evils.


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  • How do you know the Masons are so happy?

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  • Maybe Masons can understand the idea of companys.

    “Me, Company B. You, Company A. Me go to filthy castle. Me kill filthy peasants. You go and protect our castle. Kill filthy Agatha.”

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    #For the BLING
    #You Only Lose, Order

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  • @Satoshi:


    #For the BLING
    #You Only Lose, Order

    #Kimibro is a spy for Swagatha
    #God damn sabotage
    #TK count by Kimibro is TOO DAMN HIGH!


  • Mason.

    Because MUH FREEDOM

  • Masons are the only hope for Agatha.

  • Agatha all the way!

  • The Mason’s claim to fight for the common man to free them of nobility, yet one of their major strategies is to mercilessly kill common men and destroy their livelihood.

    Sounds like the leaders of the Masonic Order have ulterior motives, and would implement essentially the same system that the Agathian nobility use, yet with more of a military rule and an overall crueler life.

    So Agatha.

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