Joining a server with a "Party"

  • Hello, i bought the game a few days ago and i’m really enjoying it. However i’ve got some suggestions.

    My suggestion is making some kind of “Party” system like many other games have. That you invite your steam friends to a party and then you join the game togheter so it’s easier to get your friends on the same server. However i believe you should still be able to choose wich team you want to join so you can do versus if you want. As in for an example COD the party is always in the same team. I’d like to have a choice wether to get into the same team or not if that’s possible.

    And also if it’s possible as an extra feature for my idea. To be able to have “Private Matches”, so if i create a “Private Lobby” i can invite my friends, make up the teams we’d like to have, choose a map and a gamemode and then start a match for only us. As in the upcoming Patch there will be 1vs1 i think it would be a great idea to add this system to be able to use it for 1vs1 with your friends, but also for team-deathmatches and etc.

    I have also noticed having some trouble with joining games with my friends over steam, when trying to join a friend me and my friends often get some kind of error and can’t join eachothers servers. Also the server lists seems to be a bit buggy, in the friends Tab when i search for a server i can’t see any of the servers my friends are on. And the amount of players in the server seems to be wrong a majority of the times. As an example: I search for servers and find one with 24/32 players, then when i try to join it’s full.

    And imo i’d like to add date to when i was on the server in the History tab to see when i was on the server.

    That’s my suggestions, hope you like them!

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