How to remap a 360 controller.

  • Hey there, after searching around the internet for a couple days, I was having issues finding out how to remap the 360 controller for this game, but I found the solution and I wanted to provide it for anyone else having issues, particularly those that might be left handed like myself.

    I’ve seen many different posts about the .ini files you want to modify, but most are incorrect. The file that needs to be modified is Documents > My Games > Chivalry Medieval Warfare > UDK Game > Config > UDKGame.ini and from there, control f “[UTGame.UTPlayerInput]” because that’s where the config starts.

    Then just modify the lines of code by replacing the buttons per your preferences. If you’re not changing the sticks you’re done. However if you need to switch the sticks (like if you’re left handed) there’s a bit more. For some reason when you switch the sticks, the y axis on both becomes inverted, I have no idea why. What I did to fix this is that in the options you can invert the mouse, do it to fix your left stick and note that you need not invert the turn because for some reason that’s fine. Now to fix the right stick, I couldn’t figure out any other way to do it other than using a third party app (I use joytokey) to make my right stick function as WASD, and then removing the code for the right stick in the .ini file.

    So it’s a little bit labor intensive, but sometimes it’s hard being a left handed gamer lol. If you have any questions post them here and I might be able to help.

    And if anyone knows why the sticks become inverted, or how to fix it in the code itself, please let us know.

  • Yes… After >Config i dont see a UDKGame.ini which would lead me 2 control f “[UTGame.UTPlayerInput]” …so yea im using a Logitech Profiler. &need “[UTGame.UTPlayerInput]”
    files to map me controller.
    where else would i find them?

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