Video Setting Brightness

  • Is there a way to manipulate the Brightness (GAMMA, etc.) to make the game look lighter on certain maps? The dark maps are really dark on my display and before adjusting the video card settings, I wanted to know if there was some setting in the game itself. Nothing jumped out at me in the Video section (like a slider, which btw would be a nice to have!). Maybe there is a number I can edit in a game file?

    The lighter maps look perfect (the oasis, arena, etc.). All I want is a quick way when a dark map comes up is to brighten it (eg, Esc >Video, slider to brighter, play and reverse when map not needing it comes back).


  • There is a gamma setting in the UDKEngine.ini (Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config).


    Doesn’t quite help with changing on the fly though.

    You can also try this console command:

    GAMMA [value] – Modifies the display gamma level.

  • not working, tried it

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