High ping / Trouble in creating servers.

  • Hello warriors.

    Currently I have had problems playing this game. Happens that the game became popular, and the Brazilian servers are full. Totally. 100% full. No spaces. Crowded. Overcrowded. clutter… ok ok, you got it…

    Problem? I dont like to play in other server, with high ping… AND WHO likes disadvantages? Well i dont like it, not at all… And high ping is a clear disadvantage in this game. Evident. A big disadvantage. Huge. Giant. coloss… Ok ok

    So, we need more Brazilian / S. America servers. Definitely need. Very Much. Alot…

    The fact is that creat a server is realy boring… Yes definitely. No doubt. Undeniably. Indubitably. Indisputably. Incontestably. Dont you think lord?

    Soooo, please, make the process of creat a server a little faster and easier.

    A “create a game” button, where you choose maps and max players, and other stufs, would be great!

    Well that’s all I ask. Simple as that. Really that’s all. Yes I’m serious …

    Best regards

    The Truewarlord

    P.S - Please do not hate Brazilians. We love you all. Really.

    Happy Holidays and good New Year for you all.

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