New Developer Blog - What is Chivalry?

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    This time we release a new developer blog designed to answer the core question “What is Chivalry” and what sets it apart from other games.


    It’s been a while since we have updated you guys here with new media but know that more news is coming soon! We have been hard at work developing the game and recently opened up our first phase of testing. So far we have gotten a very positive response from the testers and we are very excited to see what you guys think of the game as we get closer to release.

    This post really marks a major milestone for our team as we have now moved into the polish stages of development and are beginning to focus on marketing the title in earnest. This is a great challenge for an indie team that makes games that look nothing like most indie games. It is a new challenge for our team, one that we approach with nervous excitement. And one that we might need your help with. Helping is easier than you might think- tell a friend, like us on facebook, send an email about us to a games website or magazine, even post about our game on other forums- it can all go a long way.

    Our game, at its core, is trying to deliver the experience of being in the middle of a medieval battlefield, with corpses and chaos all around you. That feeling of warriors encased in steel, slugging it out and being battered and beaten to their last breathe but pressing onward and overcoming the enemy with sheer skill and heart. The game is not easy, it is a genuine challenge to defeat your opponents in combat because they too fight for their lives.

    Our journey making the game has not been easy either and nor will the few months ahead be easy for us as we attempt to market our first commercial game. But that is what the Torn Banner is about, and what it is meant to symbolize, that even when you are beat down, tired, bloodied and torn apart, you need to stand strong and blow proudly in the wind, for if you stand with pride for what you believe in, you may inspire others to do the same.

  • First I was exited… then I was hyper active, stoked but now… it’s like a supreme meatball seaweed pork rind über- pumped up combustible orbital supremo, altissimo, massimo cool looking kind of exited feeling.

  • Won’t need cialis for this one

  • Fap fap fap THERE IS A SPEAR! fap fap fap AND SPARKS WHEN BLOCKING fap fap fap ;)

    really - much respect for devs, for You Tib especially, cause it seems community suggestions are prioritaire for You.

    It will be the first game i will actually BUY from steam, not just play for free.
    You guys made a TREMENDOUS job, all the animations, immersion - it is really in there. One thing i didnt noticed was the “dodge” thing - do it still exist or just people dont use it?

    Torn Banner - You made my childhood dreams coming true :)

    Much, much re5pect comes from Poland.

  • It looks so good lol…

    Can’t wait. Hands flying around

    Also, 3:18… lol what a lame ass

  • What a wonderful video. Thank you Torn Banner Studios!

  • Woow guys looks amazingly improved in both graphics and animation!
    I also love the ability to keep hitting your opponent while he is going down to finish him off and the realistic feel you get in general.
    Even though i shall wait to see the end product, as far as i can judge from the video I have to say that all my expectations have been exceeded!

  • @Tibberius:

    … Helping is easier than you might think- tell a friend, like us on facebook, send an email about us to a games website or magazine, even post about our game on other forums- it can all go a long way.

    Already doing it .
    Told to everyone I know & keep telling to people in some sites in e-net.

    I am a bit disapointed by the fact you decided to make shooting classes that way - arrows fly too fast , seems not supposed to avoid them based of looking at them or their trajectory , but only looking at the archer , if visual contact avaible . Still may the bigger javelins , spears & similar aswell as the projectiles of the assault machinery have better prediction or won’t they ? ; bows can zoom , wtf ? I suggest why you did it , but still … nevermind ; also disliked that seems the archers slow down movement when shooting .

    Which doesn’t mean I am not excited about the game & didn’t like the video , not at all , in fact probably will watch it 100 times until the end of the day :) .
    Seems after newest info Men-At-Arms will be my most played class for me , & will play it always with weapon + shield .

    Also want to ask what about lagging ?
    Usually shiny graphics come with its price , I don’t hesitate to play on lowest settings to reduce it & to gain as much as possible fps . Can special FX (of course I am not talking for turning off the bleeding & if there are other gore effects , guts ? , I love the blood too much …) to be turned off manually ?
    UT 2007 I played a bit multiplayer & I am not very sure how it lags to make comparison .

    BTW about the hit detection I wanted long time ago to ask does it mean that after occurs one and the same for the clients and for the server is that equal to the hitboxes to be glued tight for the playermodel ?
    It was shown then just hiting of static target . If hitboxes are not sticked for the playermodel with the movement they move near - randomness .
    Maybe no need of worries here , but not sure .

    & something which 3-4 years ago unsucessfully ( probably you guess why ) tryed to play Age of Chivalry , annoyed me a lot the fact that there is voicechat . I was forced to play without sound .
    Not a big issue ,but can be very annoyed , so I think it will be good idea by default voicechating to be
    turned off , not for a server , but for a player - individual choice for everyone if want to join / listen or not rather than admin choice for the whole server .


  • …Great videos, hope you start a new wave of testers soon…
    …i really want to try it…-_^


  • Nice video! Now i can’t wait to play the game now :( i hope i’ll be in the next wave of testers :D

  • yeah thats a great video tibbs.

  • I’m loving how it looks so gritty and high-quality, and the combat looks to be only a huge improvement on the already awesome skill-based AoC combat! Can’t wait to grab myself a falchion and gut some Agathians!

  • Nice to see ya making progress. Animations still need moaaar work but it’s getting there! :D

  • AWESOME!! I’ve been following you guys for a while and I have to see I grow more interested by the day.

  • @Karam:

    Nice video! Now i can’t wait to play the game now :( i hope i’ll be in the next wave of testers :D

    QFTW xD

    I yearn for a bow in this, Fear my archery !

  • Looks great, can’t wait to get my hands on a bow.

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  • As I said on the moddb comments, this is looking better and better with each video, it’s great to see the progress being made over time.
    The combat looks more fluid every time. However I am curious to see what dodging looks like now :)

  • @alako:

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  • I can’t express how awesome it’s going to be to storm a village, throw some torches on rooves, and slaughter some villagers! That is, until I get my chance to do it. Great video, the game looks amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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