Head explosion

  • sup every1
    Was watching some sweet fresh dev blog. You know for a while i thought “I expect so much from that game, it just has to partially disappoint some of my expectations” but from what i saw in blog i can say that it’s what i expected(a f*kin lot) and much much more.
    So lets talk about head explosions, saw it on 2:38 last dev blog video. Dont you think its too much? :)
    Yea sure gore is awesome but how you destroy someones head with mace like that . Mb some huge bloody dint on helmet would be more appropriate?

  • It is probably tribute to AoC, a mark that link series?
    Personally i agree with You, but head explosion, decapitation or head-pierce is something like a special blow. As for me - let there be head explosions, but let part of head still exist, and rest as debris should splatter all around. THAT is gore ;)

    In fact, as Lancebringer probably agree, medieval battles were much like a massive massacre :)

  • man, that guy got even his neck destroyed not saying about part of a head :D
    what i mean is that he doesn’t have dynamite instead of liner inside his helmet (or he does :o )
    and head won’t explode it will just turn into a squash but not splatter
    so what i want to see is my foe’s face expression when my mace is inside his head replaces his brain >:D (oh that is gore)

  • What you saw in that video , for lack of a better word, was a bug that we have since fixed. The head does disappear now properly but the neck does not cave in anymore. :P

  • Ya its classic, even when it makes the sound effects! thats awesome to hear across the battle field “::splatsssmushhh:: looks like fred got his head caved in again by anniliator! GET HIM!” haha Im really excited for this game and enjoyed the video!

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