Kicking without votekicking?

  • So, I was playing on the Hillside map as Mason. My team is at the defend the trebuchets stage of the map, and I play as archer. What I am going to say now is probably going to lure hatred among you all, but hear me out.

    You all know before you run out into the fray as Mason on this map, you need to jump off a ramp of poles. But this time I couldn’t, because there was an estimated 5-6 agatha vanguards and knights just below the ramp. As an archer, it would just be utter stupidness to jump down there. So I launch my x-bow and kill one of them. They rage, screaming out “KICK JOLKEN!!! HE’S CAMPING ON THE RESP!!!”. And I get kicked instantly, without any vote. Is this possible? Is there like a server moderator playing, kicking people when he pleases?

    And ofcourse I wouldn’t have stayed on the ramp if there wasnt an half army of agathas below it with me alone fighting them. What do they except, me, puny as I am, probably going to be beheaded by one stroke of their swords, jumping down among them? Which would’ve been suicide. Is this really a reasonable reason to kick me?

    //Sorry for emotionalities

  • The way you explained the story it is my opininon that you did NOTHING wrong.
    If you are kicked instantly it was probally a moderator/admin on the server (But if it was a official server that would be weird)

    You made use of your class in the best way possible in this situation….if they didn’t like it they should have seeked cover , get shields or counter-attack you with ranged weapons…end of story.
    And secondly the way you told it THEY were camping spawn also , preventing Masons from coming out.
    Wich I believe is a viable tactic but a bit ironic of them to say that its wrong for you to camp spawn.

    But camping as a archer on certain maps with several other archers can lead to frustration sometimes if you are the ATTACKING team.
    I have seen archers at the push-the-cart objective stick back all the way at the spawn and NEVER help push the cart…if they would just have helped push the cart attleast and not shoot arrows at knights with shields then we might have completed the objective.

    But as I said earlier…you did the right thing.

  • If it was on an Official Server, you would have been warned by an admin before being kicked for whatever reason (I didn’t read your whole post……).

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