[Solved] Win2k12 - Mouse Issues

  • This issue has been solved. The reason for these problems was the antivirus software Comodo Internet Security, which has a feature called ‘Defense+’ - simply put the game executable udk.exe in the whitelist and the mouse / keyboard issues will go away.


    Hi all,

    when running Chivalry on my second machine, I get some strange mouse behavior with the cursor not moving in the menus and the character only reacting sporadically to user input, rendering the game unplayable.

    System info:
    Win2k12 Standard x64
    16 GByte of RAM
    Phenom X1100T
    Geforce 295 GTX

    The OS has been modded as described on http://www.win2012workstation.com/, DirectX is installed and all drivers are up to date.

    I have no problems running Borderlands 2 or Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad on the same machine.

    Failed troubleshooting attempts:
    1. Remove Logitech mouse drivers, use Windows built-in drivers
    2. Reinstall DirectX
    3. Run the game in various compatibility modes (Vista, Win7, XP, Admin and no Admin)
    4. Change the mouse

    I realise that Windows Server 2012 is not officially supported, but nevertheless it would be nice if anybody would have some advise on what I could try to make this work - I really don’t want to install Win7 on that machine just for one game.

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