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  • Hello fellow chivalry players i am Iron-Sentinel and i have been playing AOC for a while now but not as long as some of the real vets. The staff is always asking us what we like about the new game Chivalry:Medieval Warfare and what we don’t like. When i describe Age of Chivalry, i describe it as the best game ever created (and its only a mod) i love it because it is unlike any other game, focuses on melee and you can CUT HEADS OFF; me and my brothers literally yell out CHIVALRY!!! when we want going to play and every decap/head explode we yell out as if we were actually the ones who cut the guys head off, that how much we loved AOC. Then Chivalry:Medieval Warfare was announced, it was a revelation a true revolution in games it will be the only game i play on the pc, once it comes out it will not only be the best game ever created it will be the best game that will EVER be created.

    Now it is time for me to talk about what truly bothered me and annoyed me in Age of Chivalry and that is the server Admins. Through out history the lesser people have felt that they have been oppressed by what they think are the “elites” those are above them, well the same concept here ever since i started playing Age of Chivalry i have felt oppressed by the server admins, felt like i couldn’t do anything and can’t stand up to their abusive powers or risk being banned. In many AOC servers, the Admins used their powers to their advantage to oppress us regular players while giving themselves an unfair advantage, sometimes me and my brother would get kicked from a server just because the admin did not like our username or something like that even though we never said anything. In fact the other day an admin was using his powers to unfairly give himself an advantage, he was flying around the map to see how to complete the objective (apparently it was a map he had not played in that often) while the other players were stuck on the ground trying to figure out how to do the objective fairly. Some admins even use their powers to make the regular players look bad, one admin in particular makes it seem like if a player is saying “i like private parts” or something gross like that, a direct abuse of power.
    Also, many times the admins are the ones at the top of the scoreboard, they are always the ones with the top K/d like 60 kills 10 deaths crazy things like that which leads me to believe that they are using some sort of admin cheats to give themselves an advantage in the game. So the people tell me "WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO TO A DIFFERENT SERVER? I do, but the something happens an admin or two are oppressing the regular players.
    Also admins from one server is often playing on a different server and he is on the same team as that servers admins and guess what? they all have the best score in the server and they are often on the same team. This leads me to believe that their is some sort underground admins union where evil collaborations go on where the admins of all the servers of AOC are collaborating to give themselves unfair advantages in whatever server they play in while the regular players are miserable stacking up deaths upon deaths upon deaths with no hope of fighting back.
    Another case of corruption, one server’s rule was that “trash talking is a must” ok thats fine everybody is fairly talking bad about each other BUT their was a loophole, another rule said that “talking back to admins is a no-no” this seems completely unfair, the admins can talk bad about regular players all they want while the regular players have to sit back and swallow their tongues, and suffer some abusive language if they speak up,thy will get banned. This set of rules i think was taken down shortly though (thank goodness) they must of realized that it would have some implications.
    This to me has felt like a very long post, so where is it going? and why is it under the “Ideas and Suggestions” thread. Well where i am going with this is that i am suggesting that their be some sort of limitations on the powers of the server admins. If there was someway for the regular players to limit the admins powers or something like maybe a vote just SOMETHING , it’s time for the oppression to end and the reign of the admins union to end. (This union i speak of by the way is only a theory i have come up with by opserving the behaviors of the admins, i have mentioned this theory of mine on a number of occasions, for example one guy said “jeez the teams are stacked they have all the good people” and i said “yes it the admins union”, the admins staid quite as if thinking “crud hes on too us” but aging this admins union only exists in my head as far as i know).

    I hope this post helps team Torn banner in developing the game and really think about how to set up servers and i am sorry if i defamed or hurt the felling of any of the server admins (i did not mention any ones ones names or any particular servers because that would be very rude and unsportsmanlike i think) but i think that this had to be said, it is the only thing that i didn’t like about AOC and hope not to see in Chivalry:Medieval Warfare.

  • Although this issue is quite controversial, I must write a concurrence with my brother. One person expressing a grievance is one thing, but it has added weight when there is support from other people. We only seek to express what we saw as a problem in AoC and perhaps a better system in Chiv: Medieval Warfare may be adopted.

    I agree with my brother that the main problem of AoC was the abusive nature of the server Admins. Yes, AoC had many other things that impeded gameplay, such as bugs, or bad hit detection etc… but none of that mattered because the game was still essentially fun. What truly made the game distasteful were the server admins.

    After a good while of playing AoC, my brother and I introduced the mod to our Cousin and his father. They loved it and said it was very fun. On Christmas Day 2011, we got together to talk about the game and how they liked it. They agreed that they liked the game, except for one thing, Admins. My brother and I were shocked, we thought we were the only one’s that noticed the abusive nature of the admins. However, here was entirely new players that have barely played the game for a month telling us the server admins were ruining the fun in the game. Our uncle, barely a week into playing the game, was already considering establishing his own server, not for the joy of calling a server his own, but to be free from the shackles and whips of the admins on all the other servers. We wanted to create a server where the owner and regular players would be one in the same; there would be no admins, save the owner.

    After discussing it for a while, we dropped the issue, deciding instead to wait for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare to come out, in hopes that there would be a better system.

    Admins own the server, and by that reasoning, are technically entitled to do as they please. This in itself is very unfair. Admins are immune from being kicked, something that is entirely abusive. Many times, I have seen Admins team kill like crazy, perhaps not on purpose, but nevertheless, a regular player would have been kicked or banned for this team killing weather accidental or not. This immunity must be done away with. Additionally, “reserved slots” are also unfair. A person should not be kicked from a server simply to make room for an Admin. An Admin should have to wait in queue just like everyone else until a slot in made available. There should also be a provision that players may kick an abusive admin, or even ban him/her for a specified amount of time through a democratic process.

    We agree that the protection of property is essentially a natural born right that people have, as without property, there can be no freedom. Admins essentially own server’s as their “property,” or at least are entitled to a portion of that “property” through rights granted by the owner. However, this “property” is very public in nature, and considerations for the public good should be kept in mind. These servers are public, although owned privately. By making a server public, owner’s are consenting that anyone may join their server without an invitation. Therefore, there property rights are curtailed by the public will of the people. When us player’s join a server, we are not “trespassing” because the server has been made public for the collective good of everyone. We are subject to certain rules of conduct as conditions for using this property, but the property owner is also subject to rules of good behavior and public consideration by proclaiming his/her “property” as public.

    I therefore respectfully concur with my brother that the power of server admins should, in the upcoming game, be curtailed to better serve the public good and its will.

  • Conspiracy theories FTW!

    The fact that admins are often at the top of the scoreboard is simply based on them being good players because they play all day. They love the game so much that they even got server of their own.

    When you think the admin is a prick, simple solution: get on another server. I hardly oppose any limitations for server admins, because they are always limitations on what is possible in the game, too. When an idiot wants to abuse that in some way, this will eventually lead to his server being empty. And someone really wanting can easily bypass any restriction, leaving it behind as something the good guys have to deal with. So no, least possible restrictions for everyone!

    In fact, servers without an active admin are the worst ones, because team killers will take it over in no time.

  • @PowerZ:

    Conspiracy theories FTW!
    When you think the admin is a prick, simple solution: get on another server.

    Thank you for your response PowerZ, it means allot because on other forums i have started some topics but no one ever responds.

    But anyways i am quoting this little excerpt from you because it makes sense WHY NOT go to a different server? That might seem like the simple solution but it’s not and here’s why:
    The way i see it is that there is a secret underground admins union that is made up off the “bad” admins whether or not the “good” admins know about it is beyond me,but my theory states that those admins that are part of this union come from all different servers. So the admins from one server conspire with the admins from the other server, this means that no server is safe from the oppression of the theoretical admins union because their are admins who belong in the union from EVERY server.
    Where the evil lair is i don’t know maybe skype, maybe one of the servers or maybe somone’s house but the main argument i am making is that changing servers is not a solution because the admins in that server are conspiring with the admins of the other server.

  • Developer

    I think that the real problem was that Age of Chivalry was such a small community, you didn’t really have the option of joining another server at times, you had to play where other people were playing and this was usually on the same servers operated by the same admins. I believe that in Chivalry, with (hopefully) a much larger playerbase, this will be much less of a problem because there will be many more options for servers.

  • @Tibberius:

    I think that the real problem was that Age of Chivalry was such a small community, you didn’t really have the option of joining another server at times, you had to play where other people were playing and this was usually on the same servers operated by the same admins. I believe that in Chivalry, with (hopefully) a much larger playerbase, this will be much less of a problem because there will be many more options for servers.

    I’m meditating on it

  • A lot of the admins are pretty shitty imho, but you can’t really do anything about because they pay with their money to run the server, which means they can do anything they want with it and run it how ever they want. As tibbs said hopefully there will be a bigger community with more servers so we all don’t get funneled into one server.

  • I agree that the solution is to have a bigger community. Therefore, lets get the word out about the game! :D.

  • @GustavusIIAdolphus:

    I agree that the solution is to have a bigger community. Therefore, lets get the word out about the game! :D.

    that is basically the problem I have with AoC, there isn’t a brazillian community anymore. it vanished. So I have to play in some servers where people will always complain about my ping even if it makes harder for me also :(



  • Wish you your popularization of the game is much more successfull than mine .
    Also tell to people who you don’t know (online advertising for example ) about the game not just friends
    is a good idea . Maybe also in other game communities (maybe forums) .

  • Then I will try to contact the brazillian gaming and nerdy bloggers out here. we should all begin our crusade to bring people to this community fellows!
    let’s do this brothers!

  • Excellent responses from everyone. What i do to get the word out is that when i use a computer at the University, i leave the screen on the homepage of the chivalry website and do that on some of the computers next to it as well i don’t know if it’s worked though but i have seen a dramatic increase in people interested in the new game coming up.

  • I didn’t really read all of that, I just saw “Limitations on server admins” and had to immediately disagree. Letting a few bad apples force restrictions on server admins would hurt the game a lot more than you could imagine. I would much rather have one or two pricks making me not want to play on one or two servers than marauding bands of griefers roaming the game and making the entire thing a worse experience overall.

  • I’ve been posting on serveral gaming forums I know. Is this alright? I’m not exactly advertising, though.

  • Pretty epic post, I know it’s older but I’ll bite. When A game gets old and tiny, it gets ugly. Usually there is just one group of people that already know each other running a game they are well familiar with, and don’t care about random game #434356545 and can get on messing about with admin tools.

    People who own and run the servers can do anything they like, they are paying for the bandwidth and CPU. people are using to run the game. If they act in a way that is bothering you, you just have to go elsewhere. The problem when games get small is often there isn’t an elsewhere. That’s usually about the time when people hang up their gloves.

    Revitalizing a game is pretty damn hard. I played subspace pretty heavily, and while the trench wars thing is going well (way old game btw), there were tons of efforts to try to restore the game to popularity. I’d actually still play the game, it was pretty well made, quick and fun, but I enjoyed having 80+ people in a zone. When you have 30 logged in, 15 of them in spec, it just isn’t fun, so I don’t log on.

    Anyway, hope chiv gets enough popularity and people to stick around for a bit.

  • @Professional:

    I’ve been posting on serveral gaming forums I know. Is this alright? I’m not exactly advertising, though.

    Don’t forget there is no bad advertisement ;) .

    Low community base is a big curse for the indie games .
    Exception time , don’t you think ?

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