Temporary Fix- This issue does need addressing.

  • So…I found a temp. fix for the boot up crash for those who are having the issue. All you need to do is go to steam, right click Miedieval, go to properties, General, and launch options. Then type -nomovie, and you should be good to go.

  • Thank you so much! Finally i can use what i paid for.

    Someone stick this please.

    You’re epic, thank you.

  • I still can’t play :(

    I can’t go training or even connect to servers, when i try the game just freezes and a music starts playing forever.

  • yet another fix with more problems ahead, i have the same

  • Well I apologize for the issue. It appears my computer is extremely similar to all of yours. I was in one game for a moment and choosing a side when mine froze. After that, I had similar errors to yours (aka not being able to do training grounds) I wonder if this is computer related or game related?

  • i’d say game related since its multiple users not being able to play

  • It’s obviously a game related problem.

    I have never asked for any refunds on steam, but this time i’m really considering :(

  • @Matheus, I would wait a week or two before giving up. There is a possibility that this may be patched or even a fix developed. I was thinking the same thing, and I will most definitely ask for a refund if the problem persists. The problem with games like this, and especially as new as it is, is that they need time to fix mistakes they make. The only thing is that they will start to get a reputation if this goes on for too long.

  • There is a patch coming out in January (no set date yet), so I’d be patient and wait until then.

  • no offense, so we bought a game, can’t run, no temp fix, and we have to wait till an unsure date for a patch and hopefully get the game running?

  • I agree, this issue can’t wait longer. :?

    A lot of people have this problem and they want to use what they paid for.

    Please devs, do something.

  • Really? No official response yet?

    This shouldn’t be ignored like this.

    I know they may be looking into this problem right now, but i need an official response.

    It’s not very funny buying a game and not being able to play it even once.

  • Maybe the devs are too busy enjoying their money to care about this.

  • still no response …

  • I have 2 hours of playtime just trying to figure out how to make this game work.

    Pretty bad first impressions if you ask me.

  • It worked…

    I can play!

    So my topic about the issue with the game can be considered fixed

  • I agree; the fact that his issue has persisted since Thanksgiving without a true fix is just infuriating. Not only that, the only advice I got was that my computer did not have a strong enough processor, which is completely out of the question considering how I can actually START games such as Crysis on here.

    Not only that, I actually did attempt to get a refund for a few games: Chivalry, and both Darksiders on Steam. To sum up what they said, they said it was a technical error with my computer. Torn Banner and Steam do not give refunds, neither does THQ, therefore we’ve all been ripped off. The fact that they refuse to take responsibility is piss poor.

  • true words bro.
    btw chivalry could be refunded with ease on steam if tornbanner would tell them to do that.
    that clearly needs be done!

    and if they wont, we need to charge juristic consequences.

  • I’m just tired of coming here to check if there’s a fix.

    Steam won’t refund me no matter the amount of proof i give them that it’s not my fault.

    I wish i could just delete this fucking game out of my account, i’m tired of seeing it on my games list.

  • This needs to be seen by more players; we’re getting ripped off and they’ve yet to say anything about it. I bet if we demanded a refund at this point we’d get denied for a time policy of when we’re allowed to have a refund.

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