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    Warrior Nation [WNx] is now recruiting new members to join our great gaming community. We have a small presence in Chivalry and have high hopes to becoming one of the most successful clans in game. We love to have new members and enjoy gaming at its finest.

    Firstly, Warrior Nation is a huge international community with members in almost every country, across a wide range of games. Warrior Nation was founded in 1998 and have been growing ever since. The nation has a clear leadership structure which allows us to grow each day and improve on our core beliefs, enjoying a good game! We are all about enjoying gaming, taking part in competitions/fun events and meeting new people. We take part in all content of the game and just have a great time, otherwise whats the point?!

    -::- Some Facts -::-
    We are approaching 50 Sections (Games) in Warrior Nation. All sections have their Section Leader, Deputy and staff along with their active members.
    As of our November records (We have a monthly Roll Call), we have 1347 active members within Warrior Nation.
    We have a Battle Operations Department which run fun events and competitions. It really is a great place to game and make friends.
    You have a Primary game, which I hope will be Chivalry and can have a Secondary and unlimited amount of unofficial games. You can play and take part in any section within Warrior Nation.
    Due to the large size of the clan and the fact we have been going strong for years, we have a few laws which bind us all, which in turn makes this one of the perfect gaming clans possible. So please can a look at the WNx Laws Section before joining, as we all follow them.
    -::- To Join -::-

    ~ Minimum Requirements ~

    The section minimum requirements are as follows:

    • 15+ (We require mature players, acceptions can be made)

    • Must be able to adapt to team play

    • Microphone required with Teamspeak 3 client.

    • Forum Registration with Warrior Nation is required which will take no longer than 2 minutes of your time

    • Forum participation and roll call signing (once a month) required to discourage inactivity
    • Be able to listen to other members and be able to assess your tactical awareness at all times, but most importantly you must have fun and enjoy your environment!

    • Hacking will not be tolerated!

    Please feel free to have a chat with me or any other WNx member. You can send me a PM on the forums here or contact me by any one of the details listed below, so please contact us before you sign up as we have a few instructions on how to sign up which will help you get into the clan more quickly.

    Steam: WNxSLOTH
    xFire: chaox

    Steam Group

    Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and I hope to speak to some of you soon and possibly get some new members signed up for our upcoming Chivalry section!

    Warrior Nation FPS Engineer

  • Warrior Nation is a great clan. Iv been in then Nation for a few months and its been a good ride! :D

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