Hail and Well met, from Ampherion of the desert highlands!

  • Greetings, warriors!

    I am a new prospective warrior-poet awaiting my opportunity to show my skills and talents in combat. My speciality is claymore or sword and board, but, I am attempting to expand my repertoire to whatever weapons, skills and alliances that might prove promising. It never hurts to have a dirk up your sleeve or a sgian dubh in your boot!

    Wishing you fast travels and victory!

  • Hail, Ampherion!

    My name is Ser James of the West, and I am a bladesman. Maybe I could be your shield-brother? I’m new here too :?

  • Hail! I art a knight of honour and glorour! Glourour and Honour! I fight for said thing, for glorour and honour. Glory and honour. Honour and glory. Glory and honour. Honour and glory! Glory and honour. Honour, and her little brother Glory.

  • Hey, I’m just some guy. Nice to meet you too.

  • Welcome, skald, and may your shouts send shivers down the spines of your foes and courage into your allies’ hearts!

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