Lag issues

  • Hello chivalrous brothers-in-arms! I am here to talk about something I seem to be the only one to experience, or maybe I ma the only one seeing it that way. But I have this incredibly irritating lag problem:

    • Clearly off range hits hit me and clearly in range swings miss (80% from me)
    • A very obviously started swing (the sword id about halfway screen or a bit less) and a hit cancels it
    • Very strange animation bugs such as an ridiculously quick overhead (about 0,2 sec from start of windup to damage) I don’t even have time to react. Or a guy using a one hand weapon is just keeping his arm in the air then I get a hit.

    I know these are all lag related, but here’s my point:
    I am a relatively experienced player, 150+ hours played, bought the game on day 1, so I would say I know the general feeling of the game and my internet connection is the fastest I can get in my zone, Québec Canada. The real problem is, one week ago, I did not have those lags, game was incredibly fun and all, but since that steam special, so many people bought the game it became laggy as hell. You MUST fix that problem, a lot of people think this state of the game is normal and just say the game is shitty and all, but its not, just look at the steam forums.

    If someone ever have any hint on my situation, just go ahead, but for now, this problem kills my fun entirely, I don’t feel like playing when I get completly raped by lag.


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