Annoying bug, can't run sometimes

  • Sometimes the run button doesn’t work and you have to spam it. Really have to be one of the most annoying bugs in this game. You think you’re running then you get stabbed in the back.

  • Also some keypresses like changing weapons requires spam sometimes. Control is the most important thing in games like this.

    Maybe it’s a problem with the unreal engine, because i’ve seen this before in games using it.

  • +1 incredibly annoying
    Precisely this happens if you hold down the shift key after pressing forward, so you’ll sometimes have to release forward, depress shift, then hold forward again. All of which don’t come easily while being stabbed in the back.

    also run/walk animations are sometimes misplayed if you hold crouch while running or somehow end up slowing down on an object while running into it, making it confusing to tell if you are running by glancing at your animation.

  • What’s more annoying is letting go of your sprint button, pressing your dodge button and having nothing happen. In general the controls could be tightened up a litte bit, but I think the “unable to sprint” thing is your guy touching bits of the environment like a rock or something, not enough to STOP movement, but enough to impede sprinting, since whenever you touch something (including an enemy) you stop sprinting.

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