Any tips to make a server less crashy?

  • I’m having to constantly keep an eye on my servers as they (seemingly) randomly die. Only once did I actually have a crash of the UDK.exe process, typically the server appears to be humming along fine from the OS point of view, but it is not in the server list, queryable, or joinable.

    The operating systems they are on are fine and stable. One of the servers also hosts a Natural Selection 2 server which hasn’t crashed once - so again it must be software related. Operating systems are Windows 2008 R2 and 2012.

    I also notice when this happens that many others in this forum with server banners show “offline”… so I’m assuming this is a typical thing. I just want to make sure!

  • I guess it is common/known then with no real answers. I had searched and found other posts (with some people even being snarky with “use search lol”) and no known fix. Hopefully the patch in Jan. will fix the issue.

  • Check the post I made the launcher I created will at least restart the server if it crashes or stops responding.

  • Ah awesome. That looks great! I was going to do something similar with PowerShell but looks like you did all the hard work :)

    Thanks again.

  • People still provide a way to monitor/watch the server crash, but still no solutions. Disheartening to say the least… hopefully it is fixed soon.

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