Hit Contact Fix, Third Person Angle Suggestion

  • It has come to my attention that often times when i would strike someone with confidence in knowing that the attempt should have been a success, the server would not acknowledge the contact when striking the opponent. Now i know this might be due to lag, but i would like it looked at, for better enhancements.

    Furthermore, As a former APB player we had the option to switch Third person angles, Right and Left. I would usually play with the view angle on the left side. I also noticed that in game settings there is not an option to start out in Third Person. There should be a toggle.

  • You can switch between right, left and center 3rd person view angles, it is the “NextCameraView” option in the keybinds. :)

    As to hitreg, that’s always an ongoing concern that they try to improve upon each build, otherwise lag is the major issue with that.

  • :D NICE! Thanks

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