Survival idea that makes sense.

  • Hello everybody !
    I heard that the Survival mode idea is running around a lot , so here I am in order to offer a concept for it which will make sense in Chivalry.
    I really hope there won’t be something like “Zombies for CoD idiots , Lollzzz !!”.

    I saw the idea of peasants revolt , I thought on it and here’s how it could work pretty nice:
    The Order captures an Agathian city and claims it as their own , the people of the city are very disappointed by the defeat and they decide to begin a revolution in order to drive the Order forces away.
    However the people will not be bare-handed , they have sources of weapons ( Stolen , Leaked ) , some may fight better than others ( those who were City Guards before and such ) , that would make a great survival experience as you play in a group of the Order and you fight against waves of angry townspeople , who , let’s not forget are armed to some degree.

    What do you think ?

  • I like it. I think there are two maps that can be utilised for this; Battlegrounds and Dark Forest. In the battlegrounds map, it could be people rioting over the shortage of food(The survival could take place inside the city itself). The second map it could be peasants revolting to Agathaian rule and want to kill the highborn hiding in the fortress(After all, it is stated that the Mason Order gained popularity with the “common folk”).

    I think in terms of enemies, they should start with, say, a dagger, or something simular, and only be able to swing, while having no armor at all. Slowly on more weapons, maneuvers and more heavily armored peasants will join. I’d like to see such a mode become true without anything plague or zombie related.

  • There should be lots of farming tools used as weapons, such as pitchforks, ploughs, scythes, hunting knives, wood axes and blacksmith hammers.

  • Now we need the developers to see it ! hehe…

  • Bump !

  • I’ve both seen AND suggested a few comprehensive game-modes and this is probably the best option for a “Survival” scenario I’ve seen yet. Could be called “Peasant Revolt” OR simply “Rebellion”. Short n sweet i always say! If you could edit the thread to add more detail that would be great. I might even come back later with some ideas. The more thought and detail you put into an idea the more likely a Dev. will actually consider it. So many " CAN WE HAZ LIGHTSABERS TO FIGHT ZOMBIES IN SKYRIM!? I HTINK ITD BE GRET ADITUN TO GAME!"

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