CMW:…System Requirements...?

  • …What will be the system requirements for playing CMW…?

    N.B.:…when began the first wave of testings, this were the requirements to join:_

    "…Windows 7, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 400 or above OR ATI 5000 or above…"

    …will be same at release…?


  • most likely not after they’ve optimized it, that’s what’s required to be able to run the game in an alpha stage

  • No that’s ridiculously high for release system requirements. We set it high to get people with nice computers because our current build is not very optimized and lesser computers would not be able to handle it at a decent FPS.

    We’re working on getting our game to work for the min-specs of BF3 which are as follows:

    OS: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) 32-Bit
    Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core (Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ or Althon X2 2.7 GHz)
    Memory: 2 GB
    Hard Drive: 20 GB
    Graphics Card (AMD): DirectX 10.1 compatible with 512 MB RAM (ATI RADEON 3000, 4000, 5000 OR 6000 series, with ATI RADEON 3870 or higher performance)
    Graphics Card (NVIDIA): DirectX 10.0 compatible with 512 MB RAM (NVIDIA GEFORCE 8, 9, 200, 300, 400 OR 500 series with NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GT or higher performance)
    Sound card : DirectX compatible

    Edit: Only change is that our game should support Windows XP

  • i can’t wait for this game to be optimized, so i can get more than 20 fps while playing :P

  • Would game could be handled by good ol’ XP?

  • Ah yes, it should be. That’s probably the only difference between the system recs.

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