You Started It is recruiting

  • Hi all,

    You Started It (YSI) is a multigaming clan. We have several servers for COD4, BF3, Minecraft Teamspeak and Ofc Chivalry. We are a group of friends from all over Europe and have been playing games with eachother for several years now. Our age is from 16 years till 50.

    We play for fun. sometimes a friendly clanwar, no leagues. We don’t ask for skills. Everybody is welcome wether you’re new at online gaming or a more experienced gamer. If you’re new and need help, just ask, all members are more then willing to help. All we ask is to be polite, have fun and play fair. Cheats are not allowed on our clan.

    We would like to welcome some new members. If you are interested, please visit us at or .
    Feel free to pay us a visit at our teamspeakserver at There is no password, You’ll only need a member to drag you past the lobby. If we see someone in the lobby, we’ll always help you.

    Oh and btw, membership is always free of charge in case you where wondering. :)

    Hope to see you soon,


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