• I Would just love to see a gore animation for splitting someones brain pan. Instead of the regular decapitation.
    Chivalry Rules!!!

  • I didn’t quite figure this out but will only the head be able to get cut off or will other body parts also have the ability to be chopped off?

  • As seen in the DevBlog(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GnuCjueong&feature=player_embedded), other limbs such as your arms will go flying if hit in such a way as to make them catch some serous air.

  • And head will miracously dissapear :) Seriously, thats the only element that doesn’t fit my expectations of the game - head exploding… WTF???

  • Its still in Alpha so perhaps we shall see a more scientifically correct animation of the head explody later. or we can mark that off as one of the “arcade” elements, added not for realism but rather for the sake for smashing some poor bastard’s head back into molecules.

  • That i know, King. Just saying i don’t like it at all. I didn’t liked it in AoC, and it will turn on my agressor parameter here probably :)

  • Developer

    We will provide options for gore, but the head explosion you see in that video is extremely WIP, there are particles and all other sorts of nasty bits to come. As for additional gore variations such as head cutting split in half… its possible for DLC if you guys want it bad enough!

  • Head’s being crushed would be nasty :D
    Perhaps it could be done with some sort of mesh deformation in the code, like seen in game engines of late. It simply just moves the vertices in the direction of the impact, you could do that whilst causing blood to fly out from the eye sockets, nose and mouth as the blood gets squished out….

    Sorry if that was a little too graphic for some :P
    I think something like that from a massive hit would be better than explodey heads :D

  • @Tibberius:

    its possible for DLC if you guys want it bad enough!

    If u ask me, i want DLC that will raise age limitations of that game to 47+
    Talking serious : DLC with additional more detailed gore decapitations (smashing, destroying limbs)

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