I suggest an idea for a peasant class.

  • This game needs a Militia class, with all the skills of the peasant.


    War Scythe->AwlSpike->Dacian Falx
    Cudgel->Goedendag-> Lopsided staff (2h cudgel)
    Farming Flail (wood bits)-> Cattle Whip-> Pitch Fork (the good wooden kind)


    Hatchet-> 1h scythe-> hand saw (they looked weird.)
    Hunting knife->Kitchen knife->Butchers cleaver
    Smiths hammer->Nine tails->1h billhook (they existed i promise)


    Game Net, slows or immobilizes whoever got hit.

    Torch, non objective completing torch. Maybe more than one. Maybe a reload time if so, in the form of lighting it.

    Buckler or wicker shield


    Peasants are unencumbered by armor and move quickly, their weapons require less kills to master.

    ^That makes it the perfect newbie class, and would hilariously fill the server with peasants.

  • I think peasant is a bad name. Maybe something a bit more combat-themed. Militia or squire maybe.

  • Rocks should be another ranged attack for them!

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