Lvl 40, the match after that i stayed 39..

  • Just to report a bug here,…

    When i reached lvl 40 the match after that i turned back to 39.
    The worst thing of all is that i’m playing 3 hours straight to get it back but still no result.

    Anyone explain?

  • I was unlocking bow yesterday and when the map ended before it loaded next one I disconnected, checked bow unlock count in offline match with bots - none of many kills on that map did count. So Im guessing server might sync ststs with steam on map change or (which is more likely) unofficial servers have issues with unlocks and levels. You might want to try a server in official server list mentioned somewhere on forums.

  • Thanks for replying,

    Even in the official servers this problem still consists.
    It took me 5 hours yesterday to get back to rank 40…

  • I don’t know why that happened as you left AFTER the game ended, but I do know that the higher rank you are, it takes a LOT longer to level up. They changed it so it’s not easy like it was a couple patches ago. And it’s not about time, but the number of kills.

  • Update on that problem I had, it seems that offline status was bugged as checking next day all the kills were back in their place. Seems I was too fast with conclusions, sorry.

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