Advanced Attack/Defense & Injuries

  • I recently saw the “What is Chivalry” video, and is the first time I have seen anything on this game, and I was instantly hooked. My brother and I have been talking about a game like this for a while so I am very excited.

    Ok, so I am not too sure how the attack/defense works but, it would be awesome to have advanced attack/defense, such as where to attack/block. EX. Swing high for the head/upper torso, swing mid for the chest and swing low for gut. It would make the 1v1 combat more intense becuase it wouldnt be just attack and block it would be more strategic, and make your reaction time more a part of winning battles. Pretty much have the animation for swing high/mid and low would all look slightly different, so one trying to defend can then block high/mid/low. I beleive adding this feature, or one similar would make it more skill based, which I am sure people love.

    To go along with the different areas to attack with melee weapons, as well as being hit with arrows and bolts, players should get injured. If you are in a melee combat with someone and you dont block the shot to your upper torso and you get hit in the shoulder, you should lose the ability to block (or swing your weapon depending on which shoulder was hit). Or if you get shot in the leg, you start to limp and lose movement speed.

    These were just a few ideas, feel free to post some comments. I can’t wait to play this game and hope to get in the testing!


  • It would be good to have injuries so people don’t sprint away with their intestines trailing behind them, but didn’t the devs already say something about directional blocking?

    I don’t have a link, but in one of their videos I’m pretty sure they said to fully block an attack, you have to parry and look towards where it’s coming from. I’m happy enough with that level of complexity in combat, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Ok cool. Yes tbh I literally just saw the first thing about this game tonight and fell instantly loved it. Glad they do have directional block, if you are correct.

  • The aspect of “bleeding out”, being able to get “injured” in a specific part of your body and what not has already been talked about, i can’t specifically tell you where, but it has, and it was said that in general it would be annoying to win a fight only to be left limping around the battlefield, an easy target for an archer or swordsman.

  • I can definitly understand that, but at the same time it makes it more realistic, and leaves room to add more things to the game. Such as an ability to call your horse to get out of battle, or a med pac type item that would help with the slowed movement/attack speed. I am not sure if horses are in this game, but I am just throwing ideas out there, if you add injuries you can add things to make it balanced.

  • horses aren’t going to be a feature on release because that’s a whole different type of combat and pretty hard to put into the game on their schedule. They’re going for a holywood-realistic game and having to limp around or wait for something in a game as fast paced as this is very unfun x.x even having to reload a crossbow takes up A LOT of time :P

  • I agree that it would be annoying to win a fight only to be crippled, I was more saying I hope that if someone’s intestines do happen to fall out they won’t be moving at all :)

  • Haha hopefully they wont be moving after that.

  • Here’s a link to that directional blocking bit in the video

  • Devs assured us that there would be no injuries, so its a pointless discussion at that point of game developement.
    Also, directional blocking is not as its in pvk for instance, but requires player to block AND aim the weapon that he is blocking, of what i know. i.e. If you taking a left slash and just block ,without precisely pointing at a swing, you probably still take injuries, though smaller than without blocking at all.
    There will be no Medpack, i hope they will leave the Health regeneration option. In AoC - the more person is injured - the more blood is on his armor, the more he healed, the less blood is on him. Of what i know, blood wont wash away this time, even if one will heal, so expect good players to be “Crimson Blood Devils” on the field of battle :)

    One thing i hope - they would make shooting classes more complex and not so easy to handle, also i believe heavier armor could deflect arrow completely (it can be probably seen in last developer’s blog).

    Cheerz guys.

  • @yush:

    so expect good players to be “Crimson Blood Devils” on the field of battle :)

    Thats gunna be me with my long bow baby :)

  • …Yes both only if they will be switchable ON/OFF from server options…


  • @Forgottenmind:


    so expect good players to be “Crimson Blood Devils” on the field of battle :)

    Thats gunna be me with my long bow baby :)

    You will look like a hedgehog with my arrows sticking from Your arse, good sire ;D

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